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Ron Leeson -- Freelance Web Developer, PHP, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Symfony, Drupal

Wells Fargo Screen Access

Wells Fargo ATM group needed to create and track hundreds of different atm screens over two different interfaces, in eight different languages, all transacting through multiple flows.  How does a team manage such a complex constellation of elements.  The solution to this problem is the web app Screen Access.

This tool, which was built with php, mysql, dhtml, and css, 

  • tracks all transaction flows
  • compares different screens from different atm interfaces
  • allows editing of the text in eight different languages
  • is a content versioning system tracking the evolution of the screen designs
  • implements a commenting system allowing different team members to comment on specific screens
  • integrates IBM's via voice to allow editing of talking atm scripts
  • implements a hierarchical permission system to allow different team members access to different areas of the tool
  • a comprehensive admin panel allowing an administrator to upload images, batch upload of different language translations, add / edit screens, and moderate the teams feedback via the commenting system.

My role in this project was to extend the original kernel, (built by Mathias Hellmund at Addwater) and to accomodate all the features outlined above.  My project manager, Max Beck, and  I met with the ATM team, collected their wish list, analyzed possible technical solutions to their needs, then I went on to develop the architecture, build the front end, back end and database.  

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